Agency Overview


The Extra Mile acknowledges the hardships that children face as they enter foster care. We aim to provide community social workers and foster families with an array of objects to calm children during this chaotic transition.  

With soothing items in tow like weighted blankets, educational toys, soothing bedroom decorations, and a suitcase for personal belongings, The Extra Mile aims to go ‘the extra mile’ for children entering foster care.  These added comforts cannot begin to compensate for the hardships these children endure, but they do have the potential to make the transition more comfortable. 

Imagine the difference between entering an empty home with very few resources and unfamiliar foster parents.  Now, imagine that same home filled with comforting items that are needed during foster care. The comfort of a bed, freshly stocked diapers, developmentally appropriate toys, new school supplies, and a welcoming home environment that will shape the child’s initial impression of their new home.

Without the worry of replicating the child’s possessions from their home, foster parents are freed to focus their energy on developing a positive, nurturing, and secure relationship with the foster child.  The Extra Mile continues to facilitate this process by providing access to a variety of engaging services to provide opportunities for relationship building (family activities, activity passes, restaurant meals, etc.) and services that will further enhance the child’s well being (haircuts, academic tutoring, and enrichment lessons in activities like sports, music, and the arts, etc).

Together, we can facilitate positive foster care experiences in Southeast Louisiana. At The Extra Mile; no distance is too far to go for our children.


How You Can Help

Donate gently used items:

  • Small suitcases/duffel bags

  • Booster seats

  • High chairs

  • Baby gates

  • Educational toys

  • Nursery & child bedding

  • Nursery & child room decor

  • Outlet plugs

  • Child-proof cabinet lock packs

  • Baby monitors

Donate services, including but not limited to…

  • Haircut/hair style

  • Tutoring services

  • Enrichment lessons (dance, music, athletics, yoga, etc.)

  • Activity passes (movies, jumpy-gym, trampoline park, etc.)

  • Restaurant meals