Who are we?
The Extra Mile is a statewide
network of professional staff and
volunteers dedicated to enhancing
and enriching the quality of life
for all persons served by public
human service agencies.

Since 1991, these non-profit
organizations have helped persons
served by the Jefferson Parish
Human Services Authority,
citizens with Developmental
Disabilities, Mental Illness and
Addictive Disorders. We also
work with a wide array of
community partners who support
persons with human services
Welcome to The Extra Mile, Southeast
Louisiana, Inc.
The Extra Mile, Southeast Louisiana, Inc.
What do we do?
The Extra Mile secures
community resources for
those who receive public
assistance by providing
community education,
support, advocacy, and
through monetary assistance
to fill needs as determined by
individual communities.  

These resources include the
time and talent of many
dedicated volunteers and
donors working together to
provide clothing, food,
merchandise, in kind services
from individuals and
businesses, support for
individuals and families,
community education,
advocacy and cash.
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The Extra Mile, Southeast Louisiana, Inc.
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The Extra Mile, Southeast Louisiana, Inc, is
a 501(c)3 Non- Profit Organization.
The Extra Mile, Southeast Louisiana. 3616 I-10 Service Road, Metairie, LA 70001
.Phone: 504.349.0014 . Email: theextramile_se@yahoo.com

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